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The V-Family:

Based on a concept developed together by Sunkid and skiing schools, the V family is made up of four elements that are used in sequence during skiing lessons. All elements are targeted at not explaining things to the children verbally, but at letting them feel the posture they need to master pizza cuts, bent knees and curves. The learning success that can be achieved with the V-family surprises even the most experienced of skiing teachers time and time again!

The Snow-V gives beginners the "feel" of pizza cuts without a great many explanatory words, and shows them what motions they need 

The V-assistant helps intensify the pizza cuts learned on the Snow-V secured by the skiing teacher 

The V-Ride is taken between the legs to support "bending the knees" for riding optimal pizza cuts 

And last but not least, the V-Fly teaches children how to do curves

Snow V 

Standard version with fixed handrail and nonwoven covering, incl. 4 base fee

16951 / 16952 V Ride

The clamped foam figure encourages an open leg position

V Assistant

The perfect complement to the Snow-V

26062 V Fly

The V-Fly teaches children to ski around bends using their hands!

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